STA Travel 140 Hour Combined TEFL Course

Was: NZ$899.00

Now: NZ$359.60

How much can you earn as a qualified TEFL teacher?

Teach English Abroad

  • North Asia
    Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China
    Up to $2700 p/m
  • South East Asia
    Thailand, Vietnam
    Up to $1300 p/m
  • Central and Eastern Europe
    Many destinations
    Up to $1300 p/m
  • Western Europe
    France, Germany, Spain
    Up to $2400 p/m
  • Middle East
    Saudi Arabia and more
    Up to $3500 p/m
99% Pass Rate
Ofqual Certification
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Was: NZ$899.00

Now: NZ$359.60

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Why take a TEFL course?

Getting a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification is the first step in an amazing adventure teaching English across the globe. We're an accredited provider, which means our course is recognized all over the world and will qualify you to apply for thousands of roles across the globe. We're an accredited provider, which means our course is recognized by employers worldwide – and we’re the only provider to offer an government regulated TEFL qualification, so you can buy with total confidence.

Why the 140 Hour Online Course?

Our 140 hour course combines online learning with classroom practise, making sure you're totally prepared for living and teaching in a brand new location. Study the online portion in your own time with the support of an expert tutor, and attend a twenty hour weekend classroom course in a location near you to complete your learning.

About the course

  • Knowledge modules: bring your learning to life with videos, activities, practical ideas and quizzes
  • Putting it into practice: ideas for turning your learning into engaging, exciting lessons
  • Check your knowledge: keep track of your learning with regular self-check quizzes

The classroom part of the course involves joining a group of like-minded aspiring TEFL teachers for a weekend of practical learning. Through group work and interactive sessions you'll get some deeper learning grammar, pronunciation and getting up on your feet, practising.

Teach Around the World

Key components of the course

  • Teaching young learners, teenagers, adults and one-to-one
  • Planning your lessons
  • Evaluation and examination
  • How to teach pronunciation, vocabulary and listening skills
  • The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
  • Classroom activities and resources
  • Reading and writing instruction
  • How to teach grammar
  • Using technology and multimedia in the classroom
  • Finding a job/how to structure your TEFL CV/resume
  • Tailored feedback and support from an expert tutor
  • Practical teaching experience in the classroom course
  • How to teach young learners, teenagers, adults and one-to-one

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Course Breakdown

Module 1: Planning a Lesson The key to a great lesson is watertight planning, and through your TEFL career lesson plans will help you massively. Learning to plan properly will mean you're well on the way to great teaching from the second you step in the classroom - and you'll have something concrete to help with those first day nerves!
It makes sense to start at the beginning, so in the first module you'll learn about teaching methods, what to include in a lesson plan, how to set out a lesson plan and adapting your lesson for the different types of learner you might encounter.

  • Introduction to Section  1
  • Initial lesson planning
  • Structuring a lesson
  • Putting planning into practice
  • Check your knowledge: planning
  • Section 1 test

Module 2: Lesson Content Imagine if someone asked you to teach them English on the spot. Hard, right? In this section, you'll learn all about how to structure your lessons and how to present topics in a digestible way.  You'll also get a refresher on the 3 main topics you'll teach: vocabulary, grammar and the 4 skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), so you're totally equipped for teaching your students in lessons they'll always remember.

  • Introduction to Section 2
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Teaching grammar
  • Teaching the four skills
  • Putting lesson content into practice
  • Check your knowledge: lesson content
  • Section 2 test

Module 3: Making it work in the classroom It's all very well knowing your stuff and putting together tidy lesson plans, but the fact remains: you've still got to stand up there at the front of the class and teach real students.This section explores how to knock your students' socks off with an engaging, exciting lesson that flows well and provides a good learning environment for your students. You'll also learn how to support individual students' needs, and deal with any problems that come up (unfortunately, some are inevitable!).

  • Introduction to Section 3
  • Creating a good teaching environment
  • Helping students learn
  • Making it work in practice
  • Check your knowledge: making it work
  • Section 3 test

Course Assessment Now it's time to check you've been paying attention! On completing your last module test, it's time for the final course assessment. You'll take a test to check your knowledge, then produce a lesson plan and a piece of written work to show your understanding. Once you've submitted, we won't keep you hanging around: our expert tutors will give you detailed feedback within 7 days, and we'll send you out your certificate within 28 days (though as a small and nimble business we always try to beat this!).

  • Introduction
  • Course test
  • Lesson plan
  • Written work
  • Submitting your work

20 hour classroom course Now it's time to get physical! Forget the stuffy classroom sessions of your school days - this is an active, fun, engaging and educational weekend spent learning all about key TEFL techniques and getting up on your feet to practise. You and your group will learn about ten key TEFL methodologies and get the chance to simulate them yourself, and you'll also get the chance to plan and deliver two lessons for a taste of what it's really like to get up and teach in the TEFL classroom. All our classroom tutors are teaching experts with plenty of experience behind them, and they'll be on hand throughout to offer assistance and feedback with nailing that essential classroom confidence!

Day 1


Day 2


Welcome & course aims





TEFL principles










Teaching new language



Teaching reading & listening







Grammar & error correction



Using coursebooks






(time may vary)

Teaching Practice 1


(time may vary)

Teaching Practice 2


Day 1 reflection



Day 2 reflection





Your TEFL future


Taking it further Completing your course is just the first step in what promises to be an amazing TEFL adventure – in this section you’ll find some handy hints for striding confidently out in to the world of TEFL! We’ve got further reading and resources, jobseeking tips, and some expert hints on how to survive that crucial first day in the classroom. Bon voyage!

  • Introduction
  • Useful resources
  • Finding work
  • Settling in
  • Never stop learning...

External accreditation is a very important element to consider when choosing your TEFL course and this course is delivered by an accredited provider.

External accreditation is a very important element to consider when choosing your TEFL course provider and this course is delivered by an accredited provider. The certificate is regulated by Ofqual.